What Levi’s New Retail Stores Mean for the Sector

Retail apocalypse, who? Commercial real estate's retail sector is undoubtedly reinventing itself, but that doesn’t mean brick and mortar retail is going extinct. On the contrary, more and more brands are announcing big plans to open up physical store locations.
The latest is Levi’s, who plans to open hundreds of stores by the time 2019 comes to a close.
Let’s explore what this means to retail as a whole.
Why Turn to Physical Retail?
If you’re listening to CRE retail news, you know that the value of brick and mortar stores is a hot debate. So why in the world would Levi’s choose this as their next big move?
It’s all apart of the popular clothing brand’s strategy to reconfigure the way they’re doing business. Recently, their wholesale profits are on the decline as the department store concept is struggling to keep above water.
However, the company is thriving in other areas. Direct-to-consumer performance is up 7% as Levi’s remains a popular household brand for US patrons. Levi’s rep…

Using Technology to Keep Packages Organized During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again…
The holiday season is upon us and the madness will be kicking off sooner than you think. Everyone needs to start preparing - especially CRE’s multifamily sector. We all know how crazy the mail gets when this festive season rolls around.
If you thought last year was bad, think again. 2019 is gearing up to outdo anything we’ve seen before. Not only is this year’s holiday season shorter, but with all the latest developments in e-commerce, the mailrooms are going to be stocked to the ceilings.
Multifamily property managers who want to get a handle on the situation before it erupts should start preparing now. Fortunately, technology is here to lend a hand.
Here’s how you can keep the mail organized this season.
Automated Package Lockers
Multifamily is home to many residents, all of which are bound to be receiving mail in November and December. Having all of the different packages jumbled together only creates a confusing mess.
The contemporary solution to this is…

Shopping Malls Eye Amazon as Prime Tenant

For years, the owners of shopping malls and shopping centers have been citing Amazon as the virtual giant that has destroyed their business. 
Now, however, many of these same retailers are shifting their views and beginning to see Amazon in a new light — as a potential savior to their vacancy woes.
In a move that suggests more strategic timing than sheer luck, the online behemoth is beginning to ramp up their physical presence via brick and mortar retail stores, just as some of the oldest and most established names in retail history, such as Sears Holdings Corp. and Macy’s Inc. are shuttering a number of their stores across the nation.
Out With the Old, In With the New
A prime example of this is the Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio — previously one of the most well-known malls in the United States (former tenants included Macy’s, JCPenney, Target, Sears, and more). 

As has been the case for many shopping malls throughout the US, Rolling Acres Mall fell victim to a sharp decline in shoppe…

Protecting NOI in the Senior Living Space

When observing the latest trends in senior living, don’t jump to any conclusions - make sure you’ve got the whole picture first. CRE’s senior living sector is facing low occupancy rates - but that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t standing strong.
When it comes to NOI, occupancy isn’t everything. While a property’s occupancy rates can act as the main contributor to net operating income, there are other elements that help fuel profits for commercial real estate investors.
So what’s going on in the senior living spaces that are sparking turbulence for commercial real estate? Here’s a breakdown:
Construction is Booming
For the last few years, senior living spaces have been undergoing a surge of construction. Unfortunately, this elongated period of growth has taken a major hit on occupancy rates. In the five years between 2014 and 2019, national occupancy rates for senior living facilities have dropped 2.5%.
As reported by the National Investment Center for Senior Housing and Care, the indus…

Investors Eye Life Sciences Properties: 3 Reasons Why

Life science is not just that high school class you took in 10th grade. In fact, it is a flourishing industry and it has caught the attention of many prominent and budding CRE investors recently. 
The life and bio science industry has been steadily surging for some time now due to increased knowledge, funding and research in the scientific and medical fields. In fact, studies show 79% of adults say “science has made life easier for most people and a majority is positive about science’s impact on the quality of healthcare, food and the environment.” 
So why are investors eyeing these properties? Let’s take a look.
1. Life Science Jobs are Increasing
Life science and biotech jobs are increasing at a steady rate. In recent years much of society has shifted into caring about scientific advancements in various fields such as, medical, nutritional, environmental and more. It has been recorded that “science holds an esteemed place among citizens and professionals. Americans recognize the accom…

Explore These 4 industrial Real Estate Building Design Trends

As 2019 continues to roll on, we can’t help but think that now is a great time to take a step back to get a closer look at the commercial real estate industry, and the industrial real estate sector specifically. 

We talked with several experts in the industry, as well as researchers and economists to help reveal some of the major trends that are expected to dominate the industrial landscape in 2019 and beyond. Here’s what we found out.
There will continue to be a needed increase in industrial inventory space
Throughout the United States, consumers are demanding more goods and at faster delivery rates, leading retailers to meet this demand by increasing inventory volume in the US. Curtis D. Spencer, president of IMS Worldwide and a renowned specialist on intermodal logistics and shipping trends and practices, had this to say: “Supply chains will have a two-step process: whatever it takes to get it into the country, and then just-in-time once it’s here. We could see more goods held in inv…

5 Considerations to Make Before Leasing New Office Space

Thinking about leasing commercial office space? The convenience of an office space can bring newfound credibility to you and your brand. However, there are some things you would want to ensure you consider prior to signing a lease.
Let’s take a look at 5 considerations you will want to make before leasing that new office space, and why these things are important to consider.
1. The Cost
This one may seem painfully obvious, but don’t skip over it just yet. The cost of your new office is more than just the monthly rental expense. Keep an eye out for what the lease says regarding rental escalations or increases over time. Sometimes, these increases can be determined by the consumer price index. 
The CPI can change based on the market so be aware. Additionally, you’ll want to see how damages are handled, and how your security deposit is used. All of these things can go into the overall cost of the office.
2. The Lease Term
Consider the Lease term prior to deciding on your new office space. T…