Are Skilled Labor Shortages Killing Multifamily Deals?

Multifamily has been a popular commercial realestate sector for the past few years. Investor interest was high, new developments were in the works in major cities throughout the country, and vacancy rates were dwindling.
However, this positive outlook is starting to experience opposite pressures. The rising construction costs that plagued the industry in 2019 are still making it difficult and expensive to build new multifamily developments.
But, it’s not only the high building costs that are inhibiting new multifamily projects. It’s also a skilled labor shortage within the construction industry. Developers and investors are having a difficult time finding professional, experienced, and talented building teams to construct their new projects.
So what does this mean for the CRE business? Here’s what commercial real estate investors, developers, and property owners should be watching for in the multifamily arena:
Skilled Laborers are Far and Few in Between
The construction industry’s skil…

Amazon Announces New In-Store Pick-Up Counters

Amazon seems like a never-ending source of news for commercial real estate. This world-famous retail giant is constantly making headlines, setting trends, and disrupting industries all around the globe.
And, this cycle is set to continue into 2020. Amazon is rolling out a new partnership this year and it’s set to make huge waves in retail - and, because it’s rooted in physical retail, in CRE as well.
Amazon is taking another step towards brick-and-mortar with their recent announcement of their new in-store pick-up counters. Here’s what commercial real estate professionals need to know about Amazon’s newest line of business:
Amazon: Coming to a Store Near You
2019 was a big year for Amazon’s expansion. The online retail brand pushed the boundaries by adapting the module for e-commerce package pick-up options. Amazon’s speedy shipping options sparked a delivery war amongst some of retail’s biggest brands; including Target and Walmart.
Now, Amazon has something new up their sleeves. Their …

These Are the Hot CRE Markets to Watch in 2020

The commercial real estate arena is gearing up for a strong year in 2020. Big metros in the United States are receiving a lot of attention - especially these 5 cities.
While the country’s commercial landscape is always changing, commercial real estate professionals need to keep up with the latest trends. In their recent report titled ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate: US and Canada’, PwC says that these are the big CRE markets to watch in 2020.
Here’s where they are and why:
Austin, Texas
Austin takes first place on PwC’s list. This popular Texas destination has quickly gained momentum throughout 2019 and is set to kick off 2020 with strong prospects.
Both the residential and commercial real estate sectors are thriving in Austin. The city offers residents and tenants a unique lifestyle that’s perfectly summed up in the area’s famous slogan: ‘Keep Austin Weird’. CRE professionals should pay attention to this officially recognized top-tier 18 hour-city.
As Austin continues to prosper, the a…

4 Senior Housing Trends That Will Continue to Change the Space in 2020

Senior housing developments have been a popular conversation within the commercial real estate business.
As the life expectancy of seniors keeps getting older and older, the growing elderly population faced a serious housing crisis in 2019. The 80+ population skyrocketed before CRE could keep up. And when it finally did, there was a lot of work to do.
In order to accommodate today’s aging population, senior housing developments were a serious need. Even though investor demand started off slow, the sudden boom motivated commercial real estate developers and investors to take action and begin making moves.
With more CRE pros jumping on the senior housing market opportunities, the competition went from 0 to 100 in no time. As a result, an amenity-war has broken out - but it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
Let’s look at these 4 senior housing trends that are redesigning the senior housing module in 2020 and beyond:
In-House Medical Services
Seniors living longer means they need …

Here’s How the Smart City Has Changed in the Last Year

The Smart revolution is upon us. Smart phones, Smart devices, Smart Houses, Smart Buildings; the list continues. We’re in a seemingly never-ending progression towards all things Smart - and the development reaches its peak capacity with Smart Cities.
These tech-powered metropolitan locations represent the height of contemporary technologies. All things digital come together to create a seamless net of information, innovation, and evolution.
In the last year alone, Smart Cities have undergone progress at an inconceivable rate. What was once impossible is now the norm in the globe’s biggest Smart Cities such as New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Reykjavik, Seoul, and London.
When change is happening so fast, it’s a good idea for all of us to slow down and catch up. This is especially vital for CRE professionals who need to remain up to speed on the latest commercial real estate developments all over the world.
Sit back, relax, and get caught up. Here’s how the Smart City module has changed dur…

2 Reasons Why Information Technology is Changing CRE Leasing/Sales

The commercial real estate business is not what it used to be.
Today, the modern CRE industry is being shaped by advances in cutting-edge technologies. While nearly all of today’s top tech innovations are making their way into the commercial real estate module, information technology is making the biggest impact.
Information technology is changing the way that business gets done. It’s transforming the entire leasing and sales process and therefore the entire commercial real estate business altogether.
Here’s what you need to know about information technology and why it’s having such a strong effect on contemporary CRE.
Knowledge is Power, and Information is Gold
Commercial real estate is a business that’s all about analytics. The more data a CRE company has, the more they’re able to understand their market, the better they’re able to strategize their plans, the more leads they attract - the cycle goes on.
The one with the most insights can inevitably leverage their position in the CRE …

Transit-Oriented Developments are the Golden Child: Here’s Why

You’ve likely heard the term ‘transit-oriented developments’ being thrown around lately. Whether it’s in business conversations, in article headlines, or on an expert interview; it seems like everyone in the commercial real estate business is interested in transit-oriented developments.
But why the sudden burst in popularity?
Well, it’s really because transit-oriented development projects are the new ‘golden child’ of the commercial real estate industry. It seems like every commercial real estate pro has their eyes on transit-based developments. Tenants, developers, or investors all love these properties - and it’s not hard to see why.
Let’s take a deeper look at transit-oriented developments in commercial real estate and why they’re causing such a buzz:
Transit-Oriented Developments Defined
First, we need to define the term.
A transit-oriented development is referring to a commercial real estate property that is located nearby local public transportation networks. This provides the buil…