What Does Sustainability Look Like Post COVID-19?

COVID-19 is shaking the foundations of business as we know it.As the pandemic unfolds, all eyes have been on offices, warehouses, restaurants, and retail as these are pivotal spheres of influence for the commercial scene. The world is waking up to the necessary changes needed to avoid this kind of disruption again.And, in the process, the CRE business is rewriting what it previously held as industry-standards.One such area of concern is sustainability in the post-COVID world. How will corporate eco-consciousness be impacted by the coronavirus?Here’s a deeper look at how sustainability efforts are pivoting due to the global pandemic:In the Midst of It AllAs the country began closing up shop at the beginning of March, companies had some work to do to upkeep their sustainability efforts amid a crisis. This required quick thinking and creativity, and as the situation develops rapidly, we’re still seeing changes happen day-to-day."For some sectors, like retail and hospitality, efforts…

The Pros and Cons of Investing in Manufactured Homes

The world of real estate investments is vast. In this expansive industry, professionals can easily feel overwhelmed by all the potentials. It’s important to gain clarity on what opportunities will be the most prosperous for your portfolio.
One investment arena that’s been gaining popularity amongst investors is manufactured homes. Should you be investing in this real estate sector? If this question is on your mind, here are 6 key points to consider before making the first moves.
In this article, let’s explore the pros and cons of manufactured homeinvestments.
Manufactured Homes are a Hot Commodity
Due to their immense accessibility and affordability, manufactured homes offer promising investment opportunities. In today’s housing market, many people are looking for alternatives to buying a traditional single-family home. Today’s renters are exploring short-term leasing options, manufactured homes, and other creative solutions to accommodate the current real estate outlook.
Resultantly, …

Property Managers: How to Handle the Influx of Package Deliveries

Welcome to the age of e-commerce. The contemporary digitized shopping module is impacting commercial real estate in more areas than just retail and industrial - it’s also having strong impacts on multifamily.

Multifamily tenants rely on massive online realtors, such as Amazon, meaning more packages are coming through the door - and they all need to be processed through the building’s centralized mail circuit.
A few years ago, this wasn’t much of a stressor for management. However, the times have certainly changed and the sheer number of online orders isn’t what it used to be.
According to data from E-Marketer, by 2023 the global e-commerce industry is anticipated to exceed $6.5 billion. This change has happened so quickly it’s left multifamily managers struggling to keep up.
Multifamily property managers are facing an unprecedented volume of package deliveries where both the frequency of deliveries and the number of boxes have been exponentially increased. The heat is on - and, with e…

Rental Property CAP Rates: What to Know

Investors, are you keeping an eye on rental property cap rates? If not, you might want to start incorporating them into your business strategies.
If you’re not familiar with rental property cap rates, here’s a basic review of rental property cap rates 101. Let’s jump in:
Cap Rates Defined
Capitalization rates, or cap rates, are a simple equation that looks at a property's overall potential by making a loose prediction on the deal’s baseline ROI.
Ultimately, this helps to determine if a property purchase is a strong investment opportunity… or not. Employing cap rates within your investment strategy can prevent investors from moving forward with dead-end deals and strengthen their portfolios with winning assets.
Cap rates are not definite as they’re subject to change, however, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth taking a look at. Investors need to keep in mind the fact that cap rates cannot possibly predict the totality of a real estate transaction. Every real estate deal is subject …

4 Must-Watch Real Estate Technology Trends

The boundaries of real estate technologies keep on expanding. Are you up to speed?
When looking at real estate technology trends, it seems like progress will never end. Ground-shaking technological advancements are spearheading the commercial industry by transforming how this business gets done, how tenants interact with properties, and how we view the CRE industry as a whole.
It’s 2020 and the pace is unprecedented. Commercial real estate pros from all around the globe need to keep their eyes on these highly anticipated tech trends.
These are the biggest technology trends in real estate that we can’t afford to ignore:
Expect to See Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Integrations
When 3D modeling technologies began taking hold within the world of real estate, it marked a major progression of real estate tech. Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality integrations have been completely reimagining the industry at large.
One of the most prominent places we’re seeing VR in real estate is thr…

4 Ways to Attract Tenants in the Spring and Summer Months

As we’re approaching the industry’s slow seasons, we all can benefit from adopting some tenant-attracting strategies.
Compared to winter and autumn, the spring and summer months can bring about a slow down for the CRE biz. Property owners who still have vacancies on their hands should step up the game to get tenants - especially when it comes to multifamily properties.
Here are 4 winning ways to lease rental properties within multifamily buildings.
Everybody Loves Incentives
If you’re looking to attract tenants to your multifamily property, you’ve got to sweeten the deal.
Incentives can work wonders in catching the eyes of today’s buyers and renters. Consider offering special offers on the internet, cable, or TV packages. Properties that are located nearby commercial assets such as gyms, vets, or cafes can even partner up with these businesses to provide discounts to renters as a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ package.
When it comes to incentives, get creative. Zero-in on the tenant exp…

Delaware Commercial Real Estate Listings - May 2020

Commercial Property Listings Available Property Listings - May 2020 Office Listings
6 Dickinson Drive (Lease)Chadds FordPAJon Hickey10 Corporate Circle (Lease)New Castle
DENeil Kilian, SIOR, CCIM100 Lake Drive (Lease)NewarkDENeil Kilian, SIOR, CCIM1114 South DuPont Hwy. (Lease)DoverDENeil Kilian, SIOR, CCIM1308 Delaware Ave. (Lease or Sale) WilmingtonDELorraine Sheldon1500-1502 N. French St. (Sale)Wilmington